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I was paying far too much each monthly for massages, cupping therapy and acupuncture to get rid of my troublesome knots in my neck and back and thankfully I found the Aestorn Cup. Its a perfect solution to helping me get rid of all my pesky pains and aches with a simple hand held solution that I can apply myself with absolute ease. Happy I purchased mine :)

I sit and work at my computer for 8 hours each day minimum and I have found myself in a chronic cycle of shoulder pain from bad posture over the years. I get flare ups of pain constantly and the Aestorn Cup is my go to solution, it sits right on my desk with me and instantly offers a sense of relief so I can focus on my work! I couldn't possibly recommend it more!

I bought the Aestorn Cup to help with my lower back pain. I worked in construction for over 12 years and the years have caughten up with me to say the least. My back is always getting pinched nerves, knots, and constant states of pain and discomfort. I keep a Aestorn Cup near me anytime im in the house for instant quick relief and it only takes 10 minutes.



All Aestorn Cup™ products are backed with a 1 year warranty, a 30 day money back guarantee and free shipping!

Aestorn Cup™ orders are fulfilled and then shipped to anywhere in the United States, Canada, Australia and United Kingdom in an average 10-14 days.


The Aestorn Cup™ features a timed release to avoid overuse. Paired with a single-press instant release incase the pressure is bothersome. Each Aestorn Cup™ also comes with a build-in heating unit that reaches temperatures as high as 122°F (50°C) without any flames!

Please also note that if you suffer from any health conditions or utilize medical devices, you may want to consult with your physician before undergoing any kind of therapy, cupping included.

The Aestorn Cup™ features many different intensity levels that you have full control over. We recommend starting gradual with suction and heat intensity and building it up to find the sweet spot you enjoy.

Cupping marks can last up to a week depending on the area the cup is used and the amount of toxins it brings up. Cupping on the back usually provides the deepest colored circles that last the longest. They usually last 2-3 days at most but some can last up to week. They are harmless and are a mark to show how much toxins were pulled up from the Myofascia.

The Aestorn Cup™ is very easy to clean with a disinfectant wipe or an alcohol based solution. If you are allowing someone else to use your device it is always smart to clean it before hand. And to clean it regularly between usages. But there are no major worries when it comes to sharing your device with others.

The Aestorn Cup™ is designed to give you ALL of the benefits of traditional cupping, with the ease of use and accessibility that we all desire. No more setting up $100 cupping and massage appointments. The power of cupping is at the tip of your finger for only $39. Cupping is effective with helping knots, muscle aches and pains and speeding up recovery. It helps detox your body, lower inflamation, and improve blood flow.


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